Calling for an Intervention

Help a Loved One—Organize an Intervention

Drug rehabilitation is often an effective way to help a loved one who is having problems with drugs. However, getting this person to admit he or she needs help and should enter a program can be difficult. If this is the case, you may want to consider calling for an intervention. This occurs when you bring together family members and friends to show an individual that he or she has a drug problem that needs to be addressed.

Five Tips for Successful Drug Interventions:

  • Get a professional Involved
    If possible, get an intervention expert to work with you to make sure the intervention runs as it should. He or she can set up guidelines for the intervention and assure that the proper topics are covered.
  • Choose the Right Location
    One of the most important aspects of an intervention is that your loved one feels comfortable. Having an intervention in his or her home or another comfortable spot can make a big difference.
  • Don’t be confrontational
    The point of an intervention is not to judge your loved one or talk about the ways he or she has hurt you. Remain supportive and kind, even as you firmly encourage this person to seek treatment right away.
  • Research Drug Rehab Options Ahead of Time
    Before the day of the intervention, take time to investigate the drug rehab programs that are available. That way, you have solid advice and can better transition your loved one from intervention into treatment.
  • Begin Treatment Right Away
    As soon as the intervention concludes, you want to start actively moving the individual towards treatment. Many intervention experts recommend that family or friends pack bags ahead of time so that they can take their loved ones directly to a treatment facility.