Life Skills Coaching

therapyWhen you are recovering, meeting the ordinary challenges of daily life without pharmacological help can seem daunting. Life skills therapy not only offers you with the tools to be healthy and productive it empowers you to take more positive control of your life, raising your self-esteem and improving your self-worth.

Life skills therapy is essential to recovery because it reduces the stress associated with everyday living and creates a foundation for re-entering society; it guides you in such areas as maintaining a daily routine, personal hygiene, washing and drying clothes, grocery shopping, money management and budgeting, housekeeping, making nutritionally sound decisions while grocery shopping, and cooking. Exercise is also imperative, and education and career opportunities are discussed.

By empowering you with life skills, we enable you to cope successfully with your new sober lifestyle. We teach you how to joyfully perform day-to-day tasks without drugs, alcohol, or giving in to their past addictive behaviors. By removing the stress from the basic tasks of life, you are free to embrace your sobriety with renewed confidence and purpose.