Intensive In-Patient Residential Addiction Treatment

Our in-patient residential facility is located in a calm, comfortable, beautifully modeled home in the San Fernando Valley.

shutterstock_141036160Our program is designed to help you address all of the issues surrounding your addiction. Helping you learn how to live without addictive substances, so that when you are ready to transition back to your home life, you have the tools needed to maintain sobriety.

Every person walking through our doors is treated as an individual with both compassion and care. As such, treatment programs are customized to meet your unique needs, issues and motivations.

Sometimes individuals who suffer from “co-occurring” disorders develop dependence on chemical substances as well—in these cases, treatment must address the underlying medical issue as well as the addiction. When people find temporary emotional relief through narcotics or alcohol, addiction can set in. We have a serious commitment to helping find the root causes behind drug addiction and alcoholism. We provide treatment for people suffering from issues such as manic depression, depression, anxiety, and other neuroses. In our program, patients requiring medical or psychiatric attention can also find what they need with dual diagnosis and other therapeutic programs.

While in residential addiction treatment, you can expect to take part in both one-on-one and group therapy, including:

  • Addiction counseling
  • Life skills Program
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy workshops
    • Relapse prevention
    • Addiction education
    • Coping skills
    • Family therapy
    • Transitional support services
  • Equine therapy
  • Educational support
  • Employment assistance