Equine Therapy

shutterstock_143902129For many addicts, a residential treatment program that includes equine therapy is one of the best choices for successful rehabilitation. The power of animals – particularly the graceful, gentle understanding found in horses – may be the key to helping you overcome your addiction.

The holistic approach of equine therapy has been very beneficial to patients struggling with all types of addiction. The responsibility of caring for a horse helps gives a sense of purpose to your daily routine. Having a sense of purpose makes it much easier to let go of the drugs or alcohol that once filled your life. Bonding and communicating with the horse helps foster respect – both for you and for the animal. This unique relationship also lowers stress levels, and eases the typical withdrawal symptoms that typically accompany drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

In equine therapy, you develop a relationship with a horse while tending to its basic needs, including feeding, grooming, and exercise (not necessarily riding). By focusing on the needs of the horse, you not only maintain a regular schedule but also take responsibility of another being.

Many recovering addicts also find that they feel supported and needed by the horses as they work with them during their treatment. This new-found sense of personal value makes it easier to gain control over your addiction. Even if you already have that love and support from friends and family, equine therapy provides a fresh start. This can be very beneficial in helping you overcome the negative thoughts and feelings that may have blocked your path to recovery in the past.