Employment Assistance

treatment_types_employee-assistance-programsOnce in recovery, rejoining the mainstream can be challenging and one of the barriers that may exist is finding employment. Especially when you’re in recovery and your history of addiction creates some awkward gaps on your resume – finding a job may seem impossible. At Progressions TLC we are here to make that transition easier, by providing you with the counsel to help you gain employment.

At Progressions TLC you will:

  • Develop self-knowledge related to career choice and work performance by identifying, assessing, and understanding your competencies;
  • Obtain educational and occupational information to aid career and educational planning;
  • Select personally suitable academic programs and experiential opportunities that optimize future educational employment options;
  • Take responsibility for developing career decisions, graduate/professional school plans, employment plans and/or job search competencies;
  • Prepare for finding suitable employment by developing job-search skills and effective candidate presentation skills;
  • Seek a desired employment opportunity or entry into an appropriate educational graduate or professional program; and
  • Prepare to manage your career upon leaving Progressions TLC.