Education Support

AlcoholResourcesDetox is a rather intense time for clients and the main focus during that period of time is physical stabilization via medication management, nutrition, rest & relaxation and establishing a consistent sleep schedule. The detox period can last from 3-14 days depending on the severity of the withdrawal symptoms.

Once detoxification is complete and you are no longer presenting with physical withdrawal, you will begin to take a more active role in your treatment plan. This can include enrolling in continued education while in treatment or planning an educational path once you depart the residential facility.

If you are looking for an enrichment program, vocational training, a degree program or other educational opportunity, Progressions TLC will help you create a road map for your ongoing education in conjunction with both your recovery and discharge.

At Progressions TLC we will guide you through the process of finding a program that matches your field of interest, obtaining and completing applications, forms and/or records needed to enroll in the program, assistance with budgeting for tuition and material costs and navigating funding options and applications.

Now, we won’t do the work for you, rather we will give you the tools and empower you to find and apply for the program. Not only will you feel the accomplishment of taking a positive step towards a meaningful goal, but you will also gain the confidence needed to follow through with your education once you leave treatment.

And if you are ready to participate in classes during treatment, you can do that too. Depending on your readiness we will either encourage online participation or in-person classes at a local school based on your progress and comfort