Addiction Counseling

Taking the First Steps towards Healing

p116-3-jpgDeciding to take the first step towards healing by entering a professional treatment center will be the best decision you can make. For most people, however, detox is only the beginning of a long-term battle against craving and relapse.

Counseling is an essential part of drug abuse treatment. Therapy can help you stay clean, escape craving and learn to cope with life without using drugs or alcohol. As a client in Progressions TLC’s residential program, the treatment process will give you the tools and skills to start your life over as an addiction-free, productive member of society once again.

As soon as your withdrawal symptoms are under control you are ready to begin facing the causes of your addiction. It is true that most alcohol and drug problems start with some type of depression and/or underlying problem that is causing the addiction. In order to heal the addiction, it is important to heal the mind and the body from the addiction.

At Progressions TLC we provide a relaxing, nurturing atmosphere where you can let go of your daily stress and focus on healing physically, emotionally and spiritually, in a way that is tailored specifically to you.