The first step in our program is detox, which cleanses the body of the addictive substance. Once the intake and detox are complete, we offer residential treatment to provide a support system and more engaging program that our clients can rely on in early recovery. Our therapeutic and educational groups are designed to help individuals learn how to communicate honestly with themselves and others. We rely on the 12-step program as a basis for continual support and offer meetings on the premises as well as letting clients go to outside meetings.

Our California residential treatment provides a safe environment in which addicts and alcoholics can identify issues that lead them back to self-destructive behaviors and learn how to define and deal with these issues. We encourage family members and loved ones to take part in the recovery process and support the individual who is struggling to overcome addiction or alcoholism. Every individual has unique needs and challenges—we have taken this into account, which makes our drug and alcohol rehab in California an option for people of all backgrounds