The Admissions Process

shutterstock_59573608You will arrive at Progressions TLC, and our rehab addiction specialists will help you check in your things. In general, you will be asked to bring certain personal items for your stay, and our staff will ensure that no drugs, alcohol, or other potentially harmful substances enter the facility. You will be given a drug test as you are admitted to determine what substances you are using, and tests throughout your stay will be done to be sure you are staying sober.

You will then go through some basic medical tests and meet with counselors to give a complete history of your substance abuse. Many individuals are intimidated by this part of the admissions process, but this is the start of real healing for the client. Our staff is here to help you recover, and we only have your best interests in mind. It is important for clients to be as open and honest as possible during the alcohol and drug rehab admissions process.

Once your rehab addiction specialists have a basic picture of you as an individual, they will help design a treatment program to meet your needs. Our counselors are here to serve you, and with your help and input, we can give you the best care and offer you the best chance at recovery.