I Am Struggling With Addiction

Let our Alcohol and Drug Rehab Residential Program help you today!

shutterstock_94195759Every individual deserves to be treated with dignity, especially when struggling with alcohol and drug dependency. At Progressions TLC, each Client is provided with a personalized treatment plan that is designed to meet their needs and choices. The environment here is a safe haven in which people with addictions to drugs or alcohol learn to pinpoint the problems that led them to addiction. It is here in this safe place that you learn how to define and cope with these issues.

A drug or alcohol addiction is a very serious condition. An individual struggling with addiction should get help as soon as possible. The sooner you begin the journey to recovery, the more successful you will be. Our staff is highly trained, caring and qualified to assist you throughout the entire recovery process. From admissions and detox, to therapy and after care, our staff will be there with you every step of the way.

Progressive TLC gets to know each Client and where they are mentally and physically. This allows us to tailor an individualized approach to improving your quality of life. Through individual and group therapy sessions, and by creating an individualized treatment plan, we can help you understand and overcome your drug or alcohol addiction and go on to live a productive and sober life.
The rehab addiction specialists at our Los Angeles alcohol and drug rehab center help you get your life back. If you are tired of being controlled by a drug or alcohol addiction, contact us and start the recovery process right away. Sobriety is possible with the right kind of help, and we are dedicated to helping you discover a happy, whole and sober life once again.